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Elite Car Tinting has a professional team ready with great ideas to help you restyling your vehicle and add your personality into it.

About us

We pride ourselves on taking the ultimate care when it comes to your vehicle. Our trained team of professionals are committed to provide high quality services with competitive rates, insuring the completely satisfaction of our customers.


window tinting

window tinting

With lifetime warranty, get extra protection and privacy for you and your family. You can choose from different shades and get the benefit of reducing sunโ€™s heat and glare, making every journey more comfortable and your vehicle more stylish. We can also provide a mobile service upon request.



From gloss to matte or pearl to satin, we offer a wide range of colour vinyl wraps that you can achieve a perfect combination to create your own unique style You can also get the benefits of protect and preserve your vehicle which repainting can not offer Our professional team provide a bespoke vehicle wrapping service working with the top brands such as Avery, 3M, Hexis, Oracal, to ensure that your vehicle gets the best finishing and remains stunning years later.

vehicle branding

vehicle branding

It is never been so easy and efficient to advertise your brand and promote your business! Using hi-tech printing and wrapping process, we can ensure your company image has eye-catching appeal that will enhance your brand strength. We can design and transform an entire vehicle or even a fleet into any artwork of your choice, and we offer vehicle wraps that are made of tough self-adhesive vinyl which will last for years.

paint protection film

paint protect film

A brilliant way to keep your vehicle brand new and safe from scratching and chipping. A layer of a completely clear protective film is applied all over the vehicle or on most vulnerable areas leaving no visual trace at all. The film enhances the original colour of the vehicle and it has a self-healing technology that enable any scratches to disappear over time.

parking sensor

Parking Sensor

The best way to avoid scratches and accidents is making sure the distance available when reversing or parking. Some vehicles still do not have this technology but we are here to make your life easier. Our professional team installs high accurate parking sensors with or without rear camera, which gives you audio and visual warnings.

sound system

Sound system

Some people want to go further and upgrade the sound experience in their cars. Visit our shop and find the sound system that best suits your needs. Our team will be more than happy to give you recommendations and help to choose yours.

especial projects

Your car, your style!
Vehicle branding or even in your own unique style, we are able to create limitless designs to bring your ideas to reality. We only install the best quality products to achieve the most outstanding results every single time.


I would say Elite Car Tinting is a result of effort and passion. A passion to see cars and motorbikes beyond of what they were made for. This passion made me understand that I should create a company that does not only offer a professional service but also provides a completely new experience.

Mr. Savio Marcolino
Director - Elite Car Tinting

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